Mediation Fees

Unless Otherwise Agreed In Writing, The Following Fees And Expenses Will Be Charged for U.S. Domestic and International Mediation Services:

MEDIATION SERVICES FEES: Preparation – for example, read/study/analyze party mediation briefs and expert reports, individual conferences (“caucuses”), mediation sessions, settlement agreement review, and post-mediation follow-up services, whether in-person or by telephone: US$575.00/Hour.

TRAVEL TIME FEES & EXPENSES: IF ONE OR MORE FULL DAYS OF MEDIATION (7 hours/day) NO TRAVEL TIME FEES for travel in Western Washington (Vancouver to Blaine), Northwestern Oregon (Portland to Salem), and Southwestern Canada (Vancouver & Victoria Metro areas). ALSO, IF TWO OR MORE DAYS OF MEDIATION, NO TRAVEL TIME FEES FOR TRAVEL ANYWHERE ELSE. OTHERWISE, travel time fees of US$200.00/hour will apply. ADDITIONALLY, reasonable travel expenses will be charged as incurred, (for example, meals, lodging, car rental fees, taxi fares, airfares (normally, business class; first class travel booked only when business class is unavailable), mileage in excess of 100 miles round trip at US Government mileage rate for personal vehicle use on the date of travel).

Less than 24 hours cancellation notice received before the scheduled mediation, US$2,000 cancellation fee; 24 to 48 hours cancellation notice received before the scheduled hearing, US$1,000 cancellation fee; more that 48 hours cancellation notice received before the scheduled hearing, no cancellation fee.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: No Cancellation Fee for Emergency Cancellation (that is, a reasonably unavoidable circumstance, such as a medical emergency for self or immediate family member).

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