ADR Process Consultation Fees

Unless Otherwise Agreed In Writing, The Following Fees And Expenses Will Be Charged for U.S. Domestic and International ADR Process Consulting Services:

CONSULTATION (Telephonic & In-Person): No Charge for Initial Telephone Conference to Determine Whether We Would Be A Good Fit To Assist You With Your ADR Concerns. After initial telephone conference, consulting scheduling based on half-day (3-1/2 hours) and full day (7 hours) sessions at US$575.00/Hour.

(Study, Analysis, Research & Writing): US$575.00/Hour

TRAVEL TIME FEES & EXPENSES: NO Travel Time Fees for first hour of travel time per consultation project; additional travel time billed at US$200/hour.  Travel expenses will be charged for all travel, including the first hour per consultation project. Generally, expenses include mileage at US Government mileage rate if driving personal car, car rental fees, parking fees, taxi fare, airfare (normally, business class; first class travel only when business class is unavailable, meals, lodging).

Less than 24 hours cancellation notice received before the scheduled consultation or meeting, will result in a cancellation fee of US$2,000.00, if session was to be one-half day; and US$4,000.00, if session was to be a full day or greater; 24 or more hours cancellation notice received before the scheduled consultation or meeting, no cancellation fee. PLEASE NOTE: NO CANCELLATION FEE FOR EMERGENCY CANCELLATION (that is, a reasonably unavoidable circumstance, such as a medical emergency for self or immediate family member).

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